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Art show in the Abbey of Passignano
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  • date to be defined, depending on pandemic emergency
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A group of young artists, selected by the MuseoOrfeo HomeGallery of Bologna, will exhibit their artwork in the Abbey of Passignano’ cloister.
The proceeds from the artwork sales will contribute to the restoration project of the north-east side of the Abbey’s façade.
The committee would like to thank all of the artists and Eugenio Santoro, director of the MuseoOrfeo, who have generously made this event possible.

Participating Artists:
Beatrice Esposito presents Simone Oldani - interview
Beatrice Esposito presents Irene Cordoni - interview
Caterina Cataldi presents Enzo Marconcini - interview
Eva Ricci presenta presents Beatrice Mika Sakaki - interview
Giorgia Brunello presents Francesca Carolo - interview
Giulia Petrucciani presents Anna Esposito
Eugenio Santoro presents Leonardo Ciapetti
Margot Andrioni presents Claudio di Gregorio

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  • in programming
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